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Kasanova vs Alkaline

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Alkaline said he found the formula but now others claim that he stole their formula. If Alkaline’s career has not been controversial enough, the plot continues to thicken with the emergence of what seems to be his double – Kasanova, who mirrors Alkaline in both sound and image. Yet claiming he has something that Alkaline never had, genuine street cred.

Kasanova is an artist, songwriter, producer and ghostwriter who has been writing for high-profile artists for many years. Kasanova claims that he was the true genius behind Alkaline’s career, lyrics, and brand, that Alkaline was a manufactured concept he developed whilst they were both classmates attending Ardenne High School. According to Kasanova, he conceptualized Alkaline’s image and sound, based on what was current in dancehall at the time with Vybz Kartel, Black Ryno, and Popcaan. The idea was that the music business was not only about the songs you sing, but also the image, sound and overall package.

There is very little differentiation between Kasanova’s and Alkaline’s sound and style. Yet Kasanova is adamant to change or adapt, describing this as “the money sound”. Having built his fame in overseas territories, Kasanova is emerging on the Jamaican scene hoping to claim his title, having recently released a new controversial video entitled ‘Bun Fi Bun’, featuring Macka Diamond. He also has multiple high-profile collaborations in the mix with artists such as Savage and Shane O.









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