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MeLeku: the apple falls close to the tree

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When you are the son of a musical icon such as Sizzla and you step from behind the scenes into the spotlight, everyone is eagerly looking to see what you have to offer. From a small collection of music, already Melekú demonstrates that he has something substantial to bring to the table both musically and lyrically. Proving that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Melekú is one of several celebrity offsprings to emerge in the media over the past 3 years. Including the son of Elephant Man (Ele Trunk), Bounty Killer (Major Myjah) and Lauryn Hill’s daughter (Selah Marley) who recently appeared in Vogue magazine and at New York Fashion Week.

Its clear that Melekú has his own unique style which is influenced by modern contemporary sounds of his generation. World music, traditional afro beats, roots reggae and dancehall, are just a few genres depicted in his music. With songs such as – ‘African Child’ and ‘What To Make Of This World?’. A hint of neo-soul can also be heard in the track – Marijuana Love’. Truly diverse, yet a well blended mix that does not sound as experimental as its description. 

What remains consistent in this modern liberated Rasta’s music is his Jamaican reggae foundation and genuine consciousness. Tackling serious topics relevant to his environment such as politics, love and religion. Recently making his debut appearance at Reggae Sumfest 2017, Melekú is currently pushing his hit track Right Place’ and has been making other international appearances alongside Sizzla.

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