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Krept & Rapman tribute Cadet

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The sudden passing of Cadet in February is still sending shock-waves throughout the UK rap music industry. The 28-year-old rapper, whose real name was Blaine Cameron Johnson, tragically succumbed to a fatal traffic accident on his way to a performance at Keele University in February.

Krept, Cadet’s cousin, delivered a musical tribute entitled “Last Letter To Cadet”, from a very personal perspective, with video highlights of their Hyde Park tribute, along with intimate moments of the funeral. Repeating the words “cussy, thank you, cussy, thank you” towards the end of his tribute. Rapman later delivered another heart-felt tribute to the late Cadet on a track entitled “Letter to Cadet”. Rapman, who is equally versed in the art of storytelling, rapped about his personal encounter with Cadet; Describing how Cadet’s life and work had influenced him in a positive way. How they met, conversations they had and his experience working with Cadet. Rapman, in his homage also stated that Cadet was the best, inspiring him to the point of “upping his game”.

Cadet, who was very candid in his lyrics, often opened up about his experiences, religious beliefs, romantic relationships and struggles. From going to prison, loosing his unborn child, his personal short-comings and successes. This candid, vulnerable openness in his lyrics, along with his tall stature, made him a giant in the industry and a true role-model for the youth.

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