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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Inner Circle 50 Years Strong

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Today we have artists talking about finding the “formulae” for success. There are two “formulae” the Inner Circle Band have mastered over their 50+ years in the reggae music industry and these are 1. having longevity and 2. writing timeless classics that cross racial, social and cultural barriers. These two elements have earned Inner Circle legendary status. Today Inner Circle’s music is still relevant, they are still touring and packing venues, with hit songs such as “Sweat” (La La La La Long) and “Bad Boys”. Inner Circle took time out today to share some their latest endeavours with IFE.

IFETOP10: Since the 90’s it has probably been difficult for you to have an interview without at least two of your songs being mentioned – “Sweat” and “Bad Boys”. These tracks are forever relevant. What is the “key” or the “formulae” to writing timeless classics such as these?

Inner Circle: Keeping up with the times and knowing what going on in social media and just knowing your overall demographic of the music that you play.  Living in Jamaica and Miami helps out so much. In Jamaica, we preserve our culture and we come to Miami and spread our culture.  It is so amazing that Miami is such a melting pot of culture.

IFETOP10: In 2012 you launched the “Saving The Reggae Music” campaign. Why does reggae music need saving?

Inner Circle: In our eyes we are deeply rooted into the music business we know the A&R’s that were turned off by the subjects, the streaming, and low sales of reggae.  After starting, the saving the reggae music movement birthed the reggae revival with amazing new artist such as Chronixx, Jah 9, Jesse Royal, plus many more.  We think reggae is back on track to where it needs to be.

IFETOP10: As industry veterans how do you feel about reggae and dancehall evolving into different forms such as tropical house? Or being sampled to the point where our influence in the mainstream is not necessarily being acknowledged or accredited?

Inner Circle: We love it because it spreads our music that much further.

IFETOP10: Are you optimistic about the future of the Jamaican music industry?

Inner Circle: YES,  we are very optimistic about the new concept of streaming.  We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year to show the world that the Jamaican music industry future is optimistic.  We will be commemorating our 50 years in the music industry with a new book, album, and documentary.

IFETOP10: You recently launched the “Circle Headz” worldwide fan club. Tell us more about that mission?

Inner Circle: Circle Headz gives us a chance to connect with our fans.  We love the concept.  Our mission is to make an impact.  We want to bring about a message of peace and love.

IFETOP10: What else can fans expect from Inner Circle in the near future?

Inner Circle: Be on the look-out for the 50th anniversary coming in January of 2018.

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