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Jimmy Cliff releases new single – ‘Human Touch’

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Jimmy Cliff has made a comeback with the release of a new single for his latest album that he has been working on since 2012. The new single ‘Human Touch’ released on 6th of August 2021, Jamaican Independence Day, by the reggae legend, is among the tracks in his new album ‘ Bridges’

‘Human Touch’, which was written in 2015 when Cliff was on tour in Japan, has a new meaning now as it addresses the loss of human connection, which has been caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

The new album also comprises other inspirational tracks, including the ‘So Happy Day’ song, which inspires people to smile despite the harsh living situations.

Cliff, who is now 77 years old, will be working with Universal Music Enterprises and Maxine Stowe, a marketing guru, to produce and market his new album. Maxine Stowe had previously helped Jimmy market his music, where she managed to get Jimmy’s single ‘I Can See You Clearly Now’ to the number one spot in several countries in 1993.

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