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Kanye West hosts Sunday Service in Kingston, Jamaica

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Many Jamaicans were suspicious when they heard Kanye West was hosting his own free gospel event in Kingston, Jamaica. Yet thousands were not deterred from showing up and skepticism soon faded the moment the live music started. It was a gospel concert with beautiful acoustic arrangements, vibrant yet conservative dancing and a great song selection. Held in Emancipation Park with a 120-person choir on Friday 18th October.

Kanye West, the artist who we have witnessed having a very tumultuous career, almost loosing his life in a car accident, then loosing his mother and in more recent years displaying public outbursts which drew our suspicion to mental health issues, seems to have found some source of comfort going back to his gospel roots. A mission he kicked off earlier this year with many Sunday service events held across the US.

As West chanted “Jesus loves me yes I know, cause the bible tells me so”, there was a sense of nostalgia for the old Kanye West we once knew, whose musical roots were in gospel. ‘Jesus Walks’, his fourth single release from his debut album back in 2004 had already set the stage for West speaking expressly about his religious views.

However, many critics from the church have voiced their harsh critiques, stating that West has ulterior motives, he is deceiving the masses with selfish capitalist motives. Many of these criticisms can be seen through various Youtube videos where samples of West’s previous interviews have resurfaced highlighting very controversial remarks.

Yet the Sunday service event in Kingston, Jamaica went down successfully. The overall gospel song selection was sensitized to the local culture through a collection of popular Jamaican gospel hits that both young and old could respect and appreciate. An event void of negativity, crudeness or violence, that left a feelgood vibe for audiences in attendance.


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