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Konshens has a different hustle this summer

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The beginning of summer is usually a time when artists focus their energies on dropping the hottest, up-tempo, feel-good, dancehall summer track of the year, as a means to set the standard for what every Dj will be playing in heavy rotation at every dancehall, function, beach party and radio station for the season. However, Konshens dropped two tracks with two completely different agendas within a week of each other. One track entitled “Good Boy”, a sexy, erotic, racy, summer dancehall hit and “Every Hustler”, an inspirational track (produced by TJ Records) and video (Directed by Warrior Films). This motivational track encourages men to be proactive in earning a clean honest income and looking after their children.

Sporting what appears to be a classic, vintage Volvo as a background prop, the visuals and riddim take you back to the 60s and 70s with images of downtown, Kingston. An era where men and women were more traditionally clad in dressy outfits. Men wearing tailor-fitted suit trousers with matching jacket, shirt and hat, whilst women dressed in full-length dresses or trousers, opposed to the skimpy garments we have become accustomed to in many music videos today.

Although growing steady in viewership and “thumbs up”, the song has not yet garnered the viral status as the “Good Boy” track. Yet the theme and agenda of Konshen’s message are hard to miss.

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