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ST living Da Gambian Dream

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Multi-award winning Rap/ Hip-Hop artist Sanna Singhateh, popularly known as ST, Da Gambian Dream or Birkama Boyo has made tremendous accomplishments in the Gambian music industry over the past few years.

The young artist started his music career after graduating from high School at Nusrat Senior  Secondary School in 2006, when he recorded his first single titled “Who is ST”. He continued to work on more lyrics until February, 2010, when he produced and lunched his first mixtape called “Ga On Fire”, in 2011. ST then released another single and video called “Adeyata Nteleyeh”, in 2013 and later released an album called “Distinction”. This album contained 14 tracks which enabled ST to out perform all other rappers in The Gambia due to the numerous hit songs he released.

“NJUNKU”, another hit track, won ST the award for the fastest online growth and best video in The Gambia by Gam-music awards based in UK. In 2015 ST won Artist Off The YearAlbum Of The Year and Song Of The Year awards. He became the first and only Gambian artist to have a diplomatic passport and was eventually made a Cultural Ambassador to The Gambia. The rapper has been making history ever since then.

In 2018 ST lunched an album at the independent stadium entitled “SALUTO” with a turn out of over 45,000 fans. He later made history as the first ever Gambian Artist to have launch his Album and filled out the stadium without any international artist been involved in 2019 with his GAMBIANA Album. Some criticized ST, stating that he is only good at singing in Mandinka (language), until ST dropped another banger featuring one of the best artists in Ghana – Stone Boy. The song was in English with very little Mandinka, thus putting an end to the rumours.

Of late ST has been seen flaunting his car with his wife and has also bought another set of wheels for his wife, after the arrival of their first son – Demba. A status symbol of his local and international fast growing success. Fans are anticipating the release of another album entitled DINDING MANSA meaning The Young King. 3 songs from this album has already been released .


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