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Stromzy the destroyer bodies Wiley with “Still Disappointed”

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After Wiley bodied Stromzy with “Eediyat Skengman”, he followed up with a “Eediyat Skengman 2”, this time with video visuals where he too was drinking a cup of tea, in response to Stormzy’s “Disappointed” where Stormzy was drinking a cup of tea. Wiley’s grime rant bragged about him being more skilled and established in the game, having paved a way for the youngins’ “without we you wouldn’t exist”, whilst taking the occasional lyrical jab at Stromzy’s mom. Yet Wiley’s clap-back did not hold a candle to Stromzy’s follow-up – “Still Disappointed”.

“Still Disappointed” clearly demonstrated that Stormzy had been holding back until now. Things just got super personal as Stormzy went in for the kill, with extremely personal lyrics about Wiley. Elevating this grime battle to epic levels. Stromzy told a story about Wiley putting his own family in danger, having to send his mother abroad for her own safety. Stromzy questioned Wiley’s masculinity, insulting his sister and mother with multiple sexual innuendoes. Once again Stromzy hailed himself the King of grime. Finally ending the track with a challenge for Wiley to respond within 24 hours.

The heat is on as both grimers have put themselves on the line, in this high profile public battle.


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