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Wiley and Stormzy go head to head

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The two Grime heavy weights have been at it again, in an ongoing feud for some time through their music and social media posts. In September 2019 Stormzy’s track entitled “Wiley Flow” bodied Wiley with some hard core lyrics. Wiley’s quote at the beginning of the video set the primes for the dis – “You man are my youngers bruv”. Stormzy’s clap-back stated “If you can’t do 10K first week then I don’t want to hear no chat about numbers”.

The feud continued through to November 2019 after the success of Stromzy’s track called “Own It” featuring Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy, which subsequently shot to number one on the UK charts for 2020. Wiley then made some disparaging remarks insinuating that Stromzy’s music was “watered down”.

Wiley didn’t waste anytime, kick-starting 2020 with a dis-track entitled “Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send)”, released on Sunday 5th January, whilst Stormzy was hot on the heals of the promotional tour for his latest album “Heavy is the Head”. Yet Stormzy still managed to drop what seemed to have been a per-meditated clap back entitled “Disappointed”, accompanied by a video. In this track Stormzy said he’s not mad, just disappointed, calls Wiley old, crowns himself King of grime, all whilst drinking a cup of tea.

Ever since Stormzy did major hits such as “Blinded by your Grace”, his street cred has been under attack. It may have seemed as if Stromzy put Wiley in his place back in September with the “Wiley Flow”, where he clearly won that round. But Wiley’s hard hitting “Eediyat Skengman” seems to have won Wiley this round. Partly because of the lyrical content but also because of Wiley’s incredibly dark, savage under-tone drawn from his hugely popular Holy Grime instrumental from the Godfather LP.

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